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This cute canine, living in the tundra of the northern hemisphere, is sadly extremely endangered. We donate 10% of the proceeds of this mask to WWF. The pattern of the mask is handdrawn by the Finnish artist Kattack.

This straight-model mask comes in two different sizes: M and L. Check your size here. 

Excellent fit and eyeglass-friendly:

  • Cut: The mask is double-layered and shaped to improve fit, comfort and protection.
  • Shapeable: With the built-in nosewire vyou can adjust the shape of the mask to fit your face. As it improves the fit, it also increases the protective effect of a face mask and reduces the fogging of the glasses.
  • Adjustable: This mask has adjustable ear loops that further enhance the fit.
  • Breathability: The mask is made of soft and breathable cotton, which provides excellent protection and is also breathable.
  • Additional feature: There is a pocket between the shell fabrics where you put a separate layer of nonwoven fabric in order to enhance the protective effect.


Double layer 100% cotton . The material is safe and skin-friendly Oeko-tex 100 standard fabric.

Washing instructions: You can wash the masks in the washing machine or boil them in a pot with water and detergent for a few minutes. Wash after every use.


NOTE! Mask Mary fabric masks are for general, everyday use only, not for medical use. Despite the excellent protection abilities of the masks, 100% protection cannot be guaranteed.

NOTE2! The mask should not be used if the user has difficulties to breathe, is incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance, including children under 3 years of age.

Read more health information from here.

The mask is intended for people over 13 years. 



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