Size Guide

Mask Mary's face masks provide protection for different types of faces. There are 2-3 different sizes to choose from. Check our guide below to find your own size.

1. Start the measuring in front of your ear.

2. Pass the measuring tape via your chin.

3. and take the measuring tape all the way to the front of your other ear.


Shaped patterns

 Size S M L

23-25 cm

26-28 cm 29-32 cm

Open and sports models

Size M L
Measure 25-28 cm 28-32 cm


The ear loops of the masks are lightly sewn. You can easily open and adjust them to suit you or make a small knot. The knots can be rotated back into the side seam so that they are out of sight.

It is easy to be cool when wearing a mint mask on the face!



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