First of all, ecological

Join Mary to save the Earth and choose an astonishing, re-usable face mask instead of disposable face diapers! A cover that is easy to put on and that squeezes just where it should. The long lifetime of Mask Mary face masks saves nature and keeps you well-off.

Choices that matter

Our fabrics are skin friendly OEKO-TEX® with a standard 100 certificate, so you can be sure that they are harmless. And because recycling is sexy, we use recycled paper as packaging materials according to the #zerowaste principle.
Plastic bags are a poor option for storing face mask, as, according to the studies, the COVID19 virus survives on a plastic surface for 3-4 days. On a paper surface, the virus burns in as fast as in 30 minutes and on a fabric in a day. So you can relax and let our zero-waste approach act as the bodyguard for both you and our planet.

No greenwashing bullsh*t

In addition to improving public health, Mask Mary is committed to a low-emission production process. Our fancy products are Scandinavian design, produced in Northern Europe and employ young people in particular. We also support the operation of the emergency accommodation and the protection of Saimaa ringed seals and articfoxes through WWF's Finnish division.

When Mask Mary says in the beauty competitions that she seeks the world peace, she also means it.



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