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Updated 10/19/2020

Welcome to Mask Mary's website! Please read this information carefully before using the site.

1. General

The following general terms of use apply to the websites www.maskmary.fi or www.maskmary.eu owned by Mask Mary Oy and for online content and product orders placed through the Site.

By using the online service, you accept these terms of use. By accepting the Terms of Use, you agree to be bound by the Terms and that you have read the information about use of personal data and accept the use of cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. You do not have the right to use the Site if you do not agree to and abide by these Terms of Use. The purpose of the sites is to provide an opportunity to purchase Mask Mary’s products and services. The site provides product information and maintains activities and content related to the site. In addition to the terms of use, separate policies apply to orders and purchases<a href="http://www.maskmary.fi/en/pages/myyntiehdot">sales</a> and<a href="http://www.maskmary.fi/en/pages/toimitusehdot">delivery terms</a>. Please also read<a href="http://www.maskmary.fi/en/pages/tietosuojakaytanto">our privacy policy.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright of the website and its content belongs to Mask Mary Oy. All rights reserved unless expressly granted in these Terms of Use. No part of this site may be copied, reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without a prior written permission of Mask Mary Oy, except as expressed in these Terms of Use. The protected certificates, trademarks, products or business names mentioned on the Site are the property of their respective owners. The Terms of Use or your use of the Site do not grant, directly or indirectly, any license or other right to any certificates, copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights

3. Right to use

You have a right to use the Site on your own phone, computer or other suitable device and to print the content. Individual content or material may be subject to separately stated terms. The use of images is not permitted without a separate written consent of Mask Mary Oy. Journalists and reporters are asked to contact us by e-mail in matters related to the use of images, etc by sending an email to hello at maskmary.fi. The use of press releases and other information classified as public is permitted in public communications if the source of the information is mentioned.

4. Privacy and Personal Information

Cookies: The website uses cookies. You cannot be identified by cookies alone. You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings, but disabling cookies will reduce your site's functionality and user experience.

Personal information: You can find more information about the use of personal data<a href="http://www.maskmary.fi/en/pages/tietosuojakaytanto">About our privacy policy.

5. Liability of Mask Mary Oy

Fabric face masks are not designed to prevent, diagnose, or cure any disease or condition, including the coronavirus. They are not sterile or medical devices and are not intended for medical procedures or situations.

Masks are not intended for children under 3 years of age. The breathing capacity of a child of this age decreases rapidly and should not be subjected to extra strain. An adult should monitor the use of the mask by children under 13 years of age. The face mask should not be worn on the unconscious, helpless, or people who cannot remove the mask on their own. Mask Mary assumes no responsibility for resellers ’comments or claims. Mask Mary Oy is not responsible for the security of the site or your connections when using the site. Mask Mary Oy is not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, availability or disruption of information on the site or its content, for defects on the site or its content. Mask Mary Oy is not liable for damage to users' computer programs, hardware or other property - not even due to negligence or in a situation where Mask Mary Oy has been informed of the possibility of such damage. The user can report an error or problem situation by contacting customer service. Mask Mary Oy may change, update, cancel or delete the Site, its content or parts thereof at its sole discretion without notice.

This website may contain links or links to websites that are owned or maintained by a third party. Mask Mary Oy has no control over the content of third party websites and can not take responsibility for the material a third party has made or published on its website.

The site may also have social extensions such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Platforms and services maintained by third parties are downloaded from those services' own servers. For services, platforms or other extensions provided by a third-party applies the terms and conditions of those.

6. Contact information

Mask Mary Oy

Hannusranta 17

00260 Espoo

Email: Hello at maskmary.fi

Please report inappropriate or infringing content to our customer service using the contact form. Cases of offensive content will be addressed as soon as possible.

7. Dispute settlement in the Consumer Disputes Board

If a dispute concerning the trade agreement cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, you can refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board www.kuluttajariita.fi. Before taking the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, you must contact the Consumer Advice of the Local Register Office www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi.

Mask Mary Oy reserves the right to change these terms of use without prior notice.



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