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The sacred trinity of protection against the coronavirus: 1) distance, 2) hand hygiene and 3) face masks. Keep at least a 2 meter-distance from other people (from annoying people 5 meters or more). When it comes to hand hygiene, the most important thing is a thorough soap wash. You can also disinfect your hands, but that’s when viruses mainly laugh their beards whilst bacteria die around. To top it all off, you should wear a stylish, mask that is matching your outfit. This will most def. make you lucky in love for the rest of the year.

Who should use them?

Mask Mary’s face masks are one after another so gorgeous that absolutely everyone should always wear them, even when staring at your neighbour by the window (remember to wear clothes as well). 

The effectiveness of masks is based on being used by as many people as possible. Here’s a great reason to recommend Mask Mary’s masks to your friends and most of all, to that wonderful date. If you have hard to breathe when wearing a mask, first check if this is because of an overly sexy companion, if not, then the mask is worth taking off, if yes, then think about what else you can take off. If a regular face mask causes shortness of breath, then Mask Mary also offers ultralight models that may suit you better.


It is easy and comfortable to use a face mask. The most important thing is to choose a mask that is just the right size and shape for you. Mask Mary has made this easy for you by offering three different designs and three different sizes. More detailed instructions on how to find your right size here. 

Using a face mask is similar to wearing underwear. Use only clean and dry ones. Do not touch during use. Recycle damaged ones. Don’t lend to others (not even to that sexy dating partner). Make sure it covers all the critical areas. Do not wear a used one again. Remove by pulling on the edges.

In this picture, Mask Mary's cat, Martza wears the ultralight mask in a correct way:

Mask Mary Cat

Cat sizes are reserved for Mask Mary's Double-Black-Exclusive-Titanium members.

Used masks should be placed directly in the washing machine or in a separate bag meant only for them. Dry masks should be stored in their own clean bag and should be touched only with clean hands. It has been scientifically proven that the coronavirus does not survive on paper for more than three hours. That’s why Mask Mary delivers all new, disinfected products in paper bags made from recycled material, so they’re immediately available for you to wear! You can also use the delivery package to store clean masks. We at Mask Mary can only imagine how great you will look in your new mask.

You can wash the masks in the washing machine or boil them in a pot with water and detergent for 1-2 minutes. Seethe detailed washing instructions here. If you are a member of Mask Mary's Double-Black-Exclusive-Titanium Club, just wash the mask, not the cat. You should go back to the instructions above and see what Martza thinks about it.

How many face masks do you need? 

If you travel around a lot, Mask Mary recommends at least five masks a day, so that you can change the mask often enough to suit your outfit and company. Fortunately, Mask Mary has numerous different options to choose from. Three masks are enough for a little calmer going. This amount will save you a lot of money, as Mask Mary gives -15% when buying three masks or more.

Features of a high quality mask

We at Mask Mary want your face mask to have top-notch protection. This consists of two elements. The first is FE, which does not stand for fewer exposures. It could be, but it is not. FE means filtration efficacy. This value tells you how well the fabric protects you. The second isP, i.e. differential pressure, which reflects the breathable abilities of the fabric. The tarpaulin certainly prevents the aerosols but at the same time also prevents you getting some air. The chiffon is a sexy and breathable material, but unfortunately does not provide any protection.

We present to you a study conducted on different fabrics in the diagrams below. The fabrics in the study have been tested specifically with coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 sized aerosols. Note that as the number of fabric layers increases, so do the FE and P-values. The maximum FE value is 100. A fun fact that you can share with your amazing and sexy date. 

The bigger FE-value, the better protection:

The lower ΔP-value, the better breathe:

Mary Mask uses double-layer, high-quality poplin cotton in her face masks (the pink ball), giving the coronavirus-preventing effect almost the same as with a surgical mask (the yellow ball), and exactly the same level of breathability.



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